May you have ease

It’s been a while…and I’ve been called to get back to writing…so today I felt called to share this with whoever may need it today…

It’s a common thing to say to other Muslims when they are going through a struggle or difficulty! People often say, “May Allah make it easy for you” or “May Allah give you ease.”

Today I realised it doesn’t necessarily mean may you get what you want and get over it! Wouldn’t that just be great?! But, instead I came to the awareness that it means may you no longer resist the struggle. The more we resist, the more it persists. 

Until we can learn to relax, let go of the struggle and accept the ‘struggle’ for what it is..we will most certainly be in difficulty and resistence! 

After all, Allah gave us this struggle for a reason. Part of being able to get through it is learning to accept it. We can only move forward with solutions once this is done!

Where in your life are you resisting the struggle and what would happen if you accepted it?

Peace and blessings to you all!

M x

It’s been 6 months since I’ve blogged..and I’ve been on a journey. Many things have changed and some things have not. But, one thing is for sure…I’m on a journey to heal myself..emotionally and physically. That much has become clear! 

I will have a tidy-up on my blog and update what I’ll be blogging about now and where I am on this self-healing journey!

I don’t know who is still out there, but I wish you a happy Monday and a week filled with peace & blessings.

M x

Don’t Deserve It?

I came across this video by Mel Robbins and it really made me think.

Do you self-sabotage? Hmmm… Let’s put it another way…do you stop yourself from doing to things you really want to do? Do you make excuses about the reasons why?

If so, Mel Robbins believes you may have some self-hatred going on and deep own you feel as if you don’t deserve it! Whoa!

It may not even be something you’re conscious of and could be something you picked up from other people around you. Especially if you’ve been in abusive situations. It’s actually a learned behaviour and can linger long after abuse has ended. 

Have a watch…only 7 golden minutes .

Everyone’s version of self-sabotage is different but its about gaining awareness on what it means to you so you can identify it and stop doing it to yourself! Mel discusses that an essential key to stopping self-sabotage is indeed…TAKING ACTION! I won’t spoil the video any more. Go have a watch.

An ha! Taking Action…that golden advice ! Its actually one of the reasons why I finally started this blog by doing a 30 day challenge and  here’s a post of me realising my self- sabotaging ways – Holding onto the Beach Ball  .

Peace and blessings to you,

M x


True Sisterhood

When I was exploring Islam, I always came across this idea of ‘sisterhood’. So it wasn’t surprising that when I embraced Islam I had the expectation of making the best bosom buddies, the special BFF that would eventually become like a ‘sista from another mother to me’.

So, for a few years I waited patiently to experience this.

But, it didn’t happen…

…or shall I say, it hasn’t happened for me.. yet.

However, I am feeling grateful that Allah sends me reminders of the shared love we can have for one another even those we have never even met.  Something that I’ve been reminded of by writing this blog.

To me, true sisterhood is to care, accept, and support your sister spiritually and emotionally with love.

It is a truly beautiful and a gift from Allah!

I’ve had both Muslim and non-Muslim sisters leave such emotional, heartfelt comments. Continue reading “True Sisterhood”

What it feels like to recover from unresolved Trauma


Recovering from unresolved trauma is like being stabbed in the back and the knife never being removed! You get so use to the knife being there that you forget it’s there until you sit or lie in a particular way and it triggers pain and bleeding.

Sometimes it’s a small pain. Other times its a sharp pain! You know, the kind of pain that tingles throughout your whole being.

You sometimes feel in a state of shock and confusion when its triggered because you didn’t realise sitting in that way would trigger the pain. But, you soon realise that the triggering is actually necessary to heal the wound where the knife is.

“Why, oh why?” Is a question you keep asking yourself. You wish it didn’t have to be this way.

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Free-falling Mind

My mind is free-falling from what it use to know

The certainty, the direction, the hopeful future, the plans, the excitement

A new awareness came…

A realisation of a struggle that was beneath all of that

I had no choice

I had to let the certainty, the direction, the hopeful future, the plans, the excitement all go…

What was certain became uncertain

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Prosperity by Iyanla Vanzant

I came across this a few days ago in Iyanla’s book, Acts of Faith. It has daily inspirational passages and I dip into it from time to time. Prosperity gets thrown around a lot at this time of year as people wish each other success and wealth in the new year.

But, Iyanla discusses that prosperity is so much more. This passage made me think about prosperity in a whole new way…I hope you enjoy and get something out of it too!

“If you have things to do and protect that you think others can take away from you, you are not prosperous.

If you are not comfortable with yourself no matter where you are, you are not prosperous.

If you believe others can take your ideas, your mate, your things, you are not comfortable.

Propsperity is a state of mind. When worry or fear crowd your mind, you cannot be prosperous.

If you know you will eat even when you don’t have a dime, you are prosperous.

When you can love and give all that you have, you are prosperous.

When you do what you love without pay or reward, you are prosperous.

When you do what you can because you can, not for the money only, you are prosperous.

When you love all people for who they are, not for what they can give you, you are a wealthy being.

Prosperity is a a state of mind.”

-Iyanla Vanzant, Acts of Faith  

Much peace, love, blessings (and prosperity) to you all

M x

I give it up to you…

I give it up to you.

When I no longer know what to do.

I turn it over to you, Allah!

I shouldn’t have waited so long before giving it to you.

As I lay in Sujood, I feel that pain.

The inner, emotional pain that came to revisit me again.

That empty, sad, unfulfilled and flat feeling-Sometimes I don’t even know how to explain it!

I don’t know how to get rid of it or heal it!

So, I give it up to you, Allah!

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Don’t Ignore! Ask!

As simple as that is, that’s my advice if you notice someone is in a mood or down.

Just acknowledge them….Do not ignore them!

My husband casually told me during a conversation that when I was in a bad mood recently he purposefully ignored me!

His reasoning was:

“I was in a good mood and didn’t want you bringing me down!”

As I type this, my self-esteem is taking a knock! Continue reading “Don’t Ignore! Ask!”

5 free Guided Meditations I love #freebies #links

Why do I love guided meditations?

I struggle to tell myself the ‘good-stuff’! So, that’s where guided meditations come in!

Sitting meditations, help to clear my mind but I feel I need some positive input and affirmations about myself and my life, and moving forward with a positive mindset…which isn’t always easy to do!

Also…there’s something nice about hearing how beautiful and amazing I am –  Especially, when I don’t feel it!

Even if you fall asleep- which is highly likely your subconscious is still awake and taking it all in! #winning

So, what are my favs?

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